Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Energy Law

Morihara Lau & Fong’s Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Energy Law Practice Group has a long history of representing many of the major electric, telecommunications, transportation, gas, water and sewer companies in the State, as well as large multi-national companies and many of the State’s largest land developers. This Group’s experienced attorneys have an intimate understanding of the various regulated industries, including renewable and clean energy initiatives and requirements, making them one of the premier public utility law groups in the State. The attorneys practicing in this Group collectively have over seventy years of first-hand experience in public utilities. One member of the Group served as Chief Legal Counsel for the Public Utilities Commission. This Group assists its clients with all applicable aspects of public utility laws, rules and regulations, including regulatory compliance and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals.

As an example of its proven leadership, this Group has been involved in obtaining required regulatory approvals from the Public Utilities Commission for many large utility sales and transfer of controls that have been consummated in Hawaii over the past fifteen years. This Group’s continuous practice before the Public Utilities Commission ensures that each member of the Group remains closely aware of and involved in changes confronting the various regulated industries so that the Group can effectively assist its clients in addressing and adapting to these changes. This includes addressing renewable and clean energy initiatives and requirements as they arise and are updated (such as those affecting the PV and energy storage industries) and obtaining necessary waivers from the Public Utilities Commission in both the energy and telecommunications sectors.